Announcing Our ADHD Newsletter!

We’re excited to announce a new way we’re going to be bringing you content: we’re launching a newsletter!

Like our website, our newsletter will focus on information that’s useful in adapting to life with ADHD. Also like our website, our newsletter will be a blend of scientific insights ADHD and tips for coping with the condition.

The difference is that our newsletter will provide this information in a unique format. For our ADHD newsletter, we’re sticking with a simple formula: one study, one news article, one coping tip.

What this means is that each month our newsletter will highlight each of the following:

  • An interesting scientific study on ADHD that has been published in the last month. We’ll be looking specifically at studies that offer some new insight into what ADHD or how it is diagnosed and treated
  • A thought-provoking news article or blog post on some aspect from ADHD taken from somewhere around the web
  • A practical suggestion for living with ADHD, offering some concrete suggestion that we’ve found helpful in coping with the condition

As you can see, the point here is to keep ADHDers up to date on recent scientific research and news stories related to ADHD that they might otherwise have missed, and to supplement those resources with a quick hands-on tip for adapting to life with ADHD.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, sign up for the ADaptHD newsletter! We’re looking forward to sharing this new source of information on ADHD with you!

Image: Flickr/Nicolas Alejandro

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