ADaptHD’s mission is to be a resource that helps those living with ADHD and those who know someone living with ADHD understand, adapt to, and thrive with the condition. We publish a mixture of information informed by scientific evidence and first-hand perspective that we believe will be useful to people with ADHD and others looking to expand their insight into ADHD, including parents, teachers, mental health professionals, and researchers.

At a time when ADHD is sometimes represented in simplistic terms in popular culture, we believe that knowledge really is power for those impacted by ADHD, and we hope to empower ADHDers by publishing all of the following:

  • Accessible summaries of the latest research on ADHD, especially research that points to a more nuanced understanding of ADHD or provides insight into how those living with ADHD can adapt to the condition
  • First-hand narratives of people living with ADHD
  • Tips and tricks for adapting to life with ADHD

We also publish an ADHD newsletter where we highlight one recent scientific study, one outstanding news article, and one practical coping tip related to ADHD every month, and we curate a list of scientifically validated ADHD diagnostic tests that people can use to learn about ADHD symptoms.

We believe that insight and perspective are two of the most powerful tools for adapting to life with ADHD, so our goal is to build a platform for information that helps those living with ADHD gain insight, widen their perspective, and adapt.