Newsletter #15: Adult ADHD, crocheting, and ADHD awareness month

Happy October! October isn’t just any month … it’s ADHD awareness month! 

So you can bet this month the ADaptHD newsletter will be bringing you one study, one news article, and one coping tip.

Study of the month: ADHD in childhood usually becomes ADHD in adulthood

Finding a hobby you love can do wonders when it comes to coping with ADHD. And what better hobby than one that keeps your hands constantly busy? Like, say, crocheting.

In a new article with the catchy title Confessions of an ADHD-riddled crochet-holic, university student Juliette Palin describes how crocheting helped her focus during the transition to remote learning. Her story will sound familiar to anyone with ADHD who has ever noticed they concentrate better when they’re not trying to sit still, and it’s well worth a read! 

Coping tip of the month: Awareness as coping  

Since it’s ADHD awareness month, there’s no better time to remember that learning about ADHD and teaching others about ADHD helps us cope. When we learn more about ADHD, we gain insight into our lives — and by hearing others’ stories, we realize we aren’t alone. Teaching those around us about ADHD can help create a world that is more ADHD-friendly, where neurodiverse brains are better understood. 

There are plenty of resources for learning and raising awareness about ADHD on the ADaptHD website, and you might also want to check out the resources put together at the ADHD Awareness Month web page!

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